Technical Project Management

CONKAT SA operates in the field of technical project management, supporting investors, companies, and private individuals in every technical matter related to their real estate. CONKAT SA aims to contribute to the development of functional structures, making optimal use of the budget and focusing both on the high aesthetics of the building, as well as on the sustainability of local communities.


CONKAT SA undertakes the comprehensive execution of the technical project, from planning and preparation up to the final delivery and operation. The company executives have the expertise and know-how required to successfully manage complex and demanding projects, ensuring their quality, timely, and within-budget implementation.

Technical Consultant Services

CONKAT SA acts as your strategic partner and consultant, ensuring that regular monitoring will lead to the implementation of the project according to the client requirements.

CONKAT SA offers technical consultant services in order to ensure the completion of the project at the highest possible quality.

More specifically, CONKAT SA undertakes the following:

  • Identification and evaluation of partners and formation of a team
  • Time schedule, organization, and monitoring of the project

  • Costing of the project

  • Project management

  • Technical management

  • Crisis management

  • Project supervision

Assessment and Design

The company has an excellent know-how and the expertise required for the assessment and designing of comprehensive proposals, in line with each project specifications and requirements.

Architectural Design

The architectural department at CONKAT SA is staffed with professionals that can provide design services of high aesthetics and quality, in complete harmony with the requirements of each project. Its designs are characterized by uniqueness and originality, offering solutions that will incorporate all the other technical assessments, to achieve an integrated and comprehensive result.

Environmental Assessments

CONKAT SA undertakes assessments for the environmental impact of the implementation of new projects, or modifications on existing ones. These assessments are a prerequisite in the environmental licensing procedure, and are planned responsibly, and according to the existing legislation. Environmental issues are approached with modern methods and constitute a basic principle for CONKAT SA.

Electromechanical Design

The company carries out electromechanical planning and design for technical and industrial projects, undertaking, at the same time, the supervision of the facilities. Planning concerns all types of high standards building applications, aiming at the smooth and seamless operation of the facilities, according to current legislation.

Techno-economic Design

Every project is an investment, and that has a multitude of technical, time-related, and financial requirements, to maximize and optimize profit. CONKAT SA prepares feasibility assessments (techno-economic planning), to determine the financial context of the project and to provide all the necessary information in order to make the right investment decisions.

Strategic Planning

CONKAT SA undertakes the preparation of business plans, to define the parameters that may affect each project’s feasibility. The creation of a correct business plan is an important tool that helps to fully utilize the potential of the external and internal environment and record any possible risks that might arise. At the same time, alternative implementation scenarios are analysed.